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General Discussion

Discuss what brought you here, what it is about bellies that interests you the most, how your fascination with bellies and bellyaches began.

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Topic:New guy here, hii... feeling very sick...

Posted by: tummyhurts20

02/13/2019 5:02 PM

Stomachaches Past
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Stomachaches Past

Memories of childhood tummyaches, your worst stomachache ever, your most pleasurable experiences of soothing someone's bellyache or having someone sooth yours

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Topic:A Perfect Night

Posted by: viihan

10/10/2019 5:38 AM

Stomachaches Present
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Stomachaches Present

Share your current or recent belly tales here

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Topic:Terrible bellyache, true story

Posted by: Blaire

05/21/2019 9:11 PM

Stomachaches Future
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Stomachaches Future

This is our "What if?" category. Fantasy, fiction, speculations, wishes....

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Posted by: WickedR

03/29/2017 8:38 PM

The Men's Room
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Boy Bellies

Guy-centric stories and discussions

116 220

Topic:My teacher

Posted by: viihan

08/26/2019 8:11 PM

The Ladies' Room
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Girl Bellies

Girl-centric stories and discussions

69 195

Topic:Bellies touching

Posted by: Ruby1488

12/18/2016 4:55 AM

Music To My Ears
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Talkative Tummies

Stories, descriptions, discussions involving belly sounds

45 171

Topic:New boyfriend, new belly

Posted by: Ruby1488

10/10/2017 9:59 PM

Stuffed to the Gills
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Stuffing and Bloating

Stories and discussions of stuffing or bloating experiences

60 242

Topic:What kind of food causes digestion problems?

Posted by: slimbelly

12/30/2017 3:11 PM

What's going on here?
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